How To: DIY Paper Crowns



Hi guys! I’m really excited to share my first DIY project with you! I’m going to show you how to paper crowns from paper towel rolls! They are perfect just because but I think get would also make great placement card holders or even attaching them to a headband for an extra special occasions, Like birthdays 🙂 These crowns didn’t take very much time at all. You can get as involved or as ornate as you’d like.

Things you’ll need:



Different paints and brushes: If you have a wide variety of spray paints, I’d say this will definitely shave a lot of time off of the project but good ol’ acrylic paint worked great too!



Trimmings: I feel like the possibilities are endless here! Just find/gather  a bunch of odds and ends and see what you come up with! I used glitter, crepe paper, ribbon and washi tape but I started thinking about all the other stuff I had that could be used. I already want to make more!

Other miscellaneous things you may also need:

-Glue, I like Mod Podge a LOT! It’s very versatile

-Hot glue/gun

-Palette for paint

-Newpaper for wet crowns/spray painting

-Nitrile/latex gloves also for spray painting

And of course paper towel or toilet paper tubes. I got six crowns out of a paper towel tube and two out of a toilet paper tube.

Lets get started!



I found I liked the look of a shorter crown. I just eyeballed the size. Cutting the tube is a bit awkward so you may have to do a bit of leveling to get everything even.



After you have your crowns cut it’s time to make the points! This is probably going to take a bit of finessing, it definitely took me a couple of tries! Ideally you’ll cut around just right so everything matches up. Its no big deal if you mess up. I messed up one and just put the points in the back, didn’t even notice did you 😉





It’s time to get painting! I just use a bit of parchment paper as a palette because I tend to use all mine for watercolor. A paper plate or *real* palette would work great also. If you are using spray paint just get to work! I did use a nitrile (or latex) glove while I painted and just held the crown but whatever works for you!



With the acrylic paint I just painted one half and let it dry then flipped it over and finished. If you are a paint the whole thing at oncer then go for it!



Now that you’re done painting it’s time to fancy your crown up!



I made some really simple ones with just a bit of glitter, and or a strip of washi tape,



and some with crepe paper and ribbon! You can as crazy or as simple as you’d like!



All done!

Thanks for making it to the end with me! Happy Saturday!