Weekend In Chicago through Instagram

Hello All!

It’s been quite a while since my last post. Things have been a bit cRRAAzy around here.

Schools started and my semester is getting well under way.  I’ve been working like a mad person trying to get summer loose ends tied, school schedules into routines and last but not least things together for Renegade Craft Fair. Which brings me to said weekend in Chicago.



About two weekends ago I participated in my very first craft show at Renegade Chicago. This fair is quite an experience! Especially as a new vendor not to mention new attendee!

Here are a few pictures of my booth – Which are terrible (!) but there we are.



Do you see that cup cake in the lower right corner? That poor fellow got prodded SOOO many times. In case you were wondering: YES it’s real!



I was pretty proud of my little banner garlands -Notebooks- 🙂




Some new Halloween Banners that I’m in the process of adding to my shop.

Renegade was huge and tons of fun!  I learned a TON of things and while I’m not sure fairs will be a big part of my business – at least while I’m in school, I think I’d like to do more!

After little to no sleep the last week leading up to the fair sunday night when it was all over, I crashed!

The next morning my two kind souled friends (who stuck through the fair chaos with me) and I went to Ann Sathers Restaurant off of Belmont!



I finally got to try their famous cinnamon rolls 🙂 They were delicious! and since I was too busy Instagraming these beauties I only had time to get through one before the main meal came…
Heaven! These eggs benidict and smoked salmon were ahhmazing. I faired much better than the other two. I got to eat all of my breakfast and had a cinnamon roll left over ^__^
After breakfast my friend who was visiting from Arizona and I went split off from the “local” and went art seeing.
We stopped at the Chicago Cultural Center first.
If you’ve never been, going to see the largest Tiffany dome in the world is worth the Visit! Sooo pretty!

The main art exhibit was about Happiness by Stefan Sagmeister. We chose #6 ( #9 was broken) though I’d say I’m more of an 8 person myself.

After the Cultural Center we went to the The Art Institute of Chicago. They have a really nice show up about French Style and French Imperssionism.



After trying to see the whole museum my friend finally gave up and his last request was to see the Tomaki Suzuki statues. Now if you’ve been to the institute and tried to find these little guys before you know it can be an adventure. We finally found the right elevator and made our way up.




She was our favorite 🙂