Cinnamon Rolls & Best In Show



I did it!

I made my very own homemade cinnamon rolls!

All by myself! … You know minus the recipe ūüėČ

I’ve been wanting to try my hand a cinnamon rolls for a looooonnnngg time. BUT cinnamon rolls always seemed rrrreeeeaaalllyy hard. period. Like one of those things you’re (and by you’re, I mean I’M)¬†just destined to mess up.

This summer has been about trying new recipes, trying *harder* more involved recipes I’ve always wanted to try. Every recipe is a little scary at first, but after working slowly through them and lots of deep breaths I’ve had successes. This has given me courage to try things like said cinnamon rolls and it worked out!



As I was getting started my boyfriend who is currently watching just about every movie we own with their commentaries put on Best In Show. Now if you’ve never seen this movie, DO IT! It’s hilarious!

So armed with my recipe from: The Girl Who Ate Everything and a funny movie, I got to work.



I slowly gathered all my ingredient together… Partially because I forgot to bring things up to room temp :S but I also like to have things ready.



After the dough had raised I rolled it out.

*I divided my dough in a half and did two “logs” because I have a small kitchen.



Smeared the butter on, I just used my hand.


Added the cinnamon sugar.


The sugar crumbled on looked so lovely ^__^



I patted the sugar down and started to roll it up.

*At this step it’s a good idea to really pack the sugar down. It makes the rolling up and cutting part a lot easier.



Ready to cut.



I just used my serrated bread knife. Other people swear by dental floss!



Ready for the pan.




Time to rise.



Working on the frosting while the rolls were baking.

*The recipe I used said this was a Cinnabon copy cat and I have to say I didn’t think it tasted much like Cinnabon BUT I think that’s a good thing. The icing wasn’t sickly sweet and I didn’t have to scrape most of it off.



Starting to ice.

*Like the recipe suggests, I iced the rolls while they were warm. I did let them cool down a bit first.



All done! Nom nom nom.

This recipe would be great to make on a ¬†friday or saturday night. Refrigerate and have them waiting for you on a¬†saturday or sunday morning, ready¬†to pop in the oven for a little something ¬†to make your weekend a little special. Just think you’ll have left overs for the weekday! … maybe ūüôā




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