How To: DIY Paper Crowns



Hi guys! I’m really excited to share my first DIY project with you! I’m going to show you how to paper crowns from paper towel rolls! They are perfect just because but I think get would also make great placement card holders or even attaching them to a headband for an extra special occasions, Like birthdays 🙂 These crowns didn’t take very much time at all. You can get as involved or as ornate as you’d like.

Things you’ll need:



Different paints and brushes: If you have a wide variety of spray paints, I’d say this will definitely shave a lot of time off of the project but good ol’ acrylic paint worked great too!



Trimmings: I feel like the possibilities are endless here! Just find/gather  a bunch of odds and ends and see what you come up with! I used glitter, crepe paper, ribbon and washi tape but I started thinking about all the other stuff I had that could be used. I already want to make more!

Other miscellaneous things you may also need:

-Glue, I like Mod Podge a LOT! It’s very versatile

-Hot glue/gun

-Palette for paint

-Newpaper for wet crowns/spray painting

-Nitrile/latex gloves also for spray painting

And of course paper towel or toilet paper tubes. I got six crowns out of a paper towel tube and two out of a toilet paper tube.

Lets get started!



I found I liked the look of a shorter crown. I just eyeballed the size. Cutting the tube is a bit awkward so you may have to do a bit of leveling to get everything even.



After you have your crowns cut it’s time to make the points! This is probably going to take a bit of finessing, it definitely took me a couple of tries! Ideally you’ll cut around just right so everything matches up. Its no big deal if you mess up. I messed up one and just put the points in the back, didn’t even notice did you 😉





It’s time to get painting! I just use a bit of parchment paper as a palette because I tend to use all mine for watercolor. A paper plate or *real* palette would work great also. If you are using spray paint just get to work! I did use a nitrile (or latex) glove while I painted and just held the crown but whatever works for you!



With the acrylic paint I just painted one half and let it dry then flipped it over and finished. If you are a paint the whole thing at oncer then go for it!



Now that you’re done painting it’s time to fancy your crown up!



I made some really simple ones with just a bit of glitter, and or a strip of washi tape,



and some with crepe paper and ribbon! You can as crazy or as simple as you’d like!



All done!

Thanks for making it to the end with me! Happy Saturday!


Lemon Two Ways & A New Friend


Well it seems that summer is finally here. It’s “hot” and muggy and it seems like it’s here to stay. I say “hot” because 80-90’s isn’t that bad. Back home in Tucson temps are reaching 112. *___* blech! The mugginess on the other hand is terrible.

With the warmer summerier (I think I just made up a word…) weather, I’m starting to crave “summer” foods. I picked up a lemon at our farmers market, not sure what I wanted to do with it but hey you can ALWAYS use  a lemon right? right.


I saw a recipe for lemon cookies on pintrest and knew THIS is what my lemon was destined for (!) but when I went to the recipe it required a box of lemon cake mix. This was a problem, I didn’t have a box of lemon cake mix and I definitely didn’t want to acquire one. So after a bit of searching I finally found one that seemed up my alley and I had all the ingredients for. I went with this one from little bitty kitchen. This was my first time at this blog but I will definitely be back. Its very lovely ^__^


Cookies all crinkly and ready for another dusting of sugar..


My boyfriend *had* to taste test a few and taste testing just can’t wait!

I decided to use the rest of my lemon for iced tea! I have fond memories of my mom making suntea in a big glass tea jar. I loovvveee sun tea there’s just a little something special the sun adds. I don’t know if it gets hot enough here to make sun tea but it may be worth a try.


Sun or no this lemony tea hit the spot and a mason jar made it all the better 🙂

Now I’m sure you’re wondering where does the new friend come it?


Do you see him?


I’d like to introduce you to Sir Bartholomew Finderdinks the second. Sir Bart the first (as dubbed by a good human friend) was a companion in the fall but sadly he stopped visiting. Then the other day this fellow showed up! I must say I’ve never seen a squirrel wag its tail a someone before. I hope to see more of him. We love to watch the squirrels running about and playing with each other. Its especially entertaining when the birds hang out and yell at them. The squirrels don’t seem to notice or mind.

What summer foods are you making this summer?

A Garland and Focaccia Bread


Its been a few days since my last post. I’ve been a busy bee working on orders for my shop. I did manage to squeeze in a little time to make a new garland!


It has mint and pink scallops with hand glittered gold medallions.


Simple and sweet..

I also managed to squeeze  a new baking adventure!



Focaccia bread!



Dough all oiled up with yummy rosemary!



Just out of the oven..



and ready for eaten! It was hard waiting for it to cool but so worth it!

Have you made focaccia before? I opted for the slightly thicker option and I think next time I will try making the loaf thinner 🙂

Happy wednesday!

Hip Hip Hooray!

I have some very exciting news to share! Gnome’s Whimsy has been accepted to participate in the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago!

I’m beaming and freaking out all at the same time! This will be my very first fair! Ahhh!

Ok I’m calm again… kinda

Back in work land I’ve posted a very sweet and classic black & gold trio of notebooks in my Etsy shop!



There’s definitely a bit of whimsy in them don’t you think? 😉



A lovely ranunculus to keep company!


Happy thursday!


Hi All! How goes your tuesday almost wednesday? Did you get through Monday?

I thought I’d share a not-so-companion to the gift tags I showed yesterday new in my  Etsy shop


Handbound notebooks 🙂 I hand lettered these ones, they read “notes” and added a bit of washi tape.


Polka Dots! (Like the gift tags)


I water colored these ones: one mint, one pink with polka dots and one mint & pink chevrons with gold!


A lovely shot all together.

Sweet dreams maybe we will meet tomorrow

Cookies and Gift tags

Hi Guys! I’m so excited to share a new project going into my Etsy shop later today!


Polka dot gift tags! Of course I had to bake something to show them off right? Right.


Cookies ready for the oven. I found this chocolate chip cookie recipe on a blog called Annie’s Eats. Her recipes are awesome, fool proof really… and I need that!


Cookies out and they are huge!


Lovely gold polka dots accompanied by soft pink, mint, and black ones. Perfect for a sweet note to give with a special something 😀


One for me and one for you. Happy Monday!

Farmers Market and Fungi

Hi guys! I have lots of pictures to share today!

Yesterday was the first day of the farmer’s market that is held in my current small town of Dekalb, IL. With Dekalb being so small I really struggle to get good produce out here and affordable, good organic food is almost impossible. So trying not to hold my breath is anticipation is understatement. I was really worried this wouldn’t go well….


But I totally didn’t need to!! Look at this awesome haul! *__* I’m in heaven!!


My boyfriend, Carlos and I live close to “downtown” so we walked over. This was the first siting, it seemed small but hopeful.


There was even a cute popcorn stand!


The first booth we happened on had flowers, lovely herbs, annd fruits and veggies! We tried to keep it cool as we saw all the awesome produce. It’s been a whole YEAR since we’ve seen stuff this fresh!


We swiped up some of these pretty peaches, in addition to zucchini and ah-mazing tomatoes.


Then we found a lovely bread booth that had bread freshly baked that morning!  It was hard to pick just one loaf!


We’re totally picking out a pastry next week 😀

Next we got absolutely the most amazing asparagus, potatoes and an onion, buuut I forgot to get a picture of that booth… sorry! :S


Our last stall visit had by far the prettiest set up and also the most variety. We got super delicious corn, squash and a lemon from here.


Though we have to try the fruit next time too…


Look at those berries!


They had even had pears and honey!


When we got home I made homemade salsa ( ! ) I miss salsa, and turkey BLTs. It was a great lunch!

After lunch I finished up a new project I’ve been working on for my shop!


Toadstool cake toppers or terrarium figurines!  Whadda ya think?


I’m pretty excited about them! I hope they will find loving homes oooorrr they can just stay with me 😀

Do you have a local farmer’s market you frequent or place you find fresh goodies?

A Small Celebration With Pie (!)



My little Etsy shop made 200 sales! I am beyond excited to have reached this goal. I’m surprised every day at the small achievements I reach. I never thought I’d get this far, especially this fast! My first 100 sales took just four months and I’ve reached my second 100 in six WEEKS!! It’s mind blowing I tell you!

Sooo making a pie seemed like a great way to celebrate!



Apple pie waiting for its lattice topping for its oven adventure 😀



All dressed up and ready to go!



Cinnamon sugar strips make a great snack while you wait for your pie. (It takes sooooo long some times…)



All done and ready to eat!!


Hows your Thursday? I’m venturing to my town’s little farmers market today for the first time! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some exciting treasures! I’ll keep you posted 🙂

A Bike Ride and Pretzels

Not much to share today. I thought I’d show you a beautiful trail I bike through to get to my art studio.


This is the main bike path. It’s a little like the secret garden don’t you think?


A lovely trail off the beaten path..


A peek inside the wooded area. Old and new mingling together.

Now for pretzels! I’m the proud owner of a brand new yellow kitchen aid mixer, who has been dubbed “Arty.” I’ve been making head way into recipes I’ve always wanted to try!


At first I was a bit intimidated to make these beauties, but this is my second go at it now and they’re easy peasy!


Pretzels rising so they can go in the oven!


Fresh out the oven…


and ready to eat!

Have you made pretzels before? Do you have a favorite biking path?